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Water Nymph

Water Nymph

(Najas diversifolia) Water Nymph is one of the easiest stems for a beginner.. It roots easily and grows in most any water conditions and Low to high Light. If Nutrients are low then it will break up into smaller pieces but that is the only potential trouble with this plant. IT grows for most anyone in most any tank. This is sold as a bunch of 5 stems.

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Water Poppy

Water Poppy

(Hydrocleys nymphoides) the Water Poppy is a moderately fast grower that develops thick, shiny leaves about 2" to 4" wide on long, trailing stems. It has short-lived, almost cup-shaped flowers with a contrasting red and brown center that stretch 2 to 2-1/2" above the surface of the water. The flowers bloom between June and August, though the plant thrives year-round in warmer climates. For best growth, the Water Poppy prefers rich soil in shallow waters of 6" or less, though most plants survive in water up to 12" deep. Even in warmer regions, this plant may benefit from over-wintering indoors in a shallow tub with good light, as it is susceptible to even brief frost exposure. Like other floating plants, the Water Poppy helps shade your pond and fish and creates a safe haven and spawning area protected from birds and other predators. It is hardy in Zones 8 to 11. These are sold as 2inch pots with plants.


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