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Mini Tubes

Mini Tubes

These are natural clay and fully kiln dried so safe and non toxic in your aquarium. they are unfinished but completely safe for your aquarium. If you want to you can paint and glaze them, and have them fired again so they match your decor. These are 1 inch diameter opening so we are calling them our Mini tubes. They vary slightly in the outer texture. some are striated rock texture and some are more like lumpy wood texture. All are closed on one end and 4" long. Mosses and java ferns and Anubias attach readily to these as well. These are great for Badis and for young Mbunas or other cichlids,and very helpful for Crayfish as well.


Pelvicachromis Cave

Pelvicachromis Cave

Our "Pelvicachromis cave" is a four inch diameter dome shaped cave, which is two inches high. They have an opening about 1 inch wide x 1 1/2 inches tall. These are absolutely PERFECT breeding spots for small egg laying fish, such as Pelvicachromis or Apistogramma.

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