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Carnivorous Plant Growing Medium SM

Carnivorous Plant Growing Medium SM

It is very important to grow your carnivorous plants in a special medium. They will die in regular soil and you CAN NOT fertilize them at all!!!! We have mixed and bagged a perfect growing medium for them. It is primarily peat and sand with a few trade secrets as well. This is the small portion that will fill a 2.5 inch pot once wet to transplant any of your carnivorous plants to. This also works well for aquatic Eriocaulon species.


Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap

The infamous Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula) is an easy Carnivorous Plant to grow and bloom. It requires two major things though: A) Carnivorous Plant substrate as it will NOT grow in Any Standard soil or potting soil and B) Pure water, rain water or distilled water only. Tap water WILL Kill it. These plants are almost mature and may bloom for you this year. They will be shipped Bare root but plant easily and will come to full glory within a week. Just add flies and watch the action.

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