Clients' Tank Pictures

I have gotten some spectacular pictures from folks that have bought plants, driftwood and soils from us.. and I thought it was about time to share them with everyone. So, I am making a User/Buyer/Friends Tanks page. Thank you to all that have sent pics and I hope that more of you will send pics to show off what you have done. I have gotten a lot of pics and I unfortunately can not remember who's tank is who's on all of them.. If it is YOUR tank remind me and let me give you credit please..

Nice Nano Tank! I can't remember the owners name.

This is one of the Tanks at Auburn University in Montgomery, AL. done By Ben R

This is a nice, I mean Really Nice tank but I cannot remember the Owners name.

OK this is not a tank BUT how could you not post Izzy admiring her dad's new plants from BamaPlants.. lol

This is another new plant tank at Auburn University in Montgomery, AL. done by Ben R

There is more to come so hang on. And, send your pics in and I will get them on the page..

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