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Well, Hello!

It has finally happened- a Newsletter. We know, We know... "It is ABOUT TIME!." Our only response is that we agree.... and since we have waited so long, lets get down to discussing some plants.

We, here at, are working hard to keep stocked with as many of your "old favorites" as we can, but we are also trying our best to bring you some of the newer plant varieties whenever possible. For this issue, we are going to focus on two groups of plants: Anubias and Echinodorus, or Sword Plants.

Let's start with Anubias. Anubias are steadfast hardy plants that will thrive for most ANY hobbyist, from beginner to seasoned guru. They do well in low light and do not need any substrate nutrients in order to grow lush and beautiful. They actually get fed from the water column. We carry a number of the standard Anubias including barteri, nana and coffeefolia. We also offer lanceolata, nana petites, and hastifolia on a regular basis.

Last Month, however, we added Anubias nana Gold and Anubias nana Long and Wavy. They became very popular very fast. The Nana Gold is a much lighter green than most Anubias, and the new growth is a bright, ALMOST canary yellow, which is unusual for anubias. The A. nana Long and Wavy has a great looking leaf on it, which really adds a textural variant to the Anubias plants that we carry.

This Month we are adding two more Anubias plants. We now have Anubias barteri 'Wrinkle leaf.'

This is a taller growing Anubias barteri, as the leaf stems themselves are very long. The leaves roll up (Wrinkle) between the leaf veins. It is a great looking erect Anubias that will command attention in any tank.

We also have Anubias barteri Coinleaf.

These are an extremely BROAD leaved variety of barteri. The leaves are so broad that they become rounded and coin shaped. Also, the A barteri 'coinleaf' tends to grow a vertical rhizome. This really makes for an interesting difference in growth pattern between it and other Anubias barteri varieties. The others tend to grow more horizontal oriented rhizomes. Because of this difference, A. barteri Coinleaf is a particularly good choice for placement at a sudden vertical rise of driftwood. There is limited availabilty of this plant in the U.S.

Sword Plants, or Echinodorus, are probably the FIRST plant that many people ever keep successfully. They are a standard when planting tanks, especially for less experienced planted tank enthusiasts. However, their ease of care, should in no way deter seasoned hobyists from considering the strategically placed sword. Some of the new cultivar varieties are amazing. We carry the standards at, like Amazon Swords, Red Melons, Red Rubins, Ozelots, Red Flames and others. We Also have some less well known varieties such as Xingu swords (actually a Helanthium or chain sword, but nevertheless still considered a sword), Vesuvius Swords, and some of the broad leaf foreground swords Like Horizontalis, Horizontalis Mini and Gabrieli.

This month, we are offering Echinodorus 'Hadi Red Pearl' (Honestly, we just call 'em "Hotties!")

These are a full leaved, medium sized broad leaf sword. They DO NOT grow tall or out of the water, but maintain about 8 inches as their maximum height. This makes them a great focal point for a shorter tank. The new leaves start off as a rich violet red. As they mature, they become a more vibrant burgundy, which slowly changes to dark green, with black red pearling. It is a beautiful plant, to say the least. Medium light, and a substrate rich in iron will keep this beauty shining. Originally cultivated in Indonesia, the plant is EXTREMELY RARE in the U.S. "Hadi Red Pearls" are slightly more available in Europe. These are full sized "mother plants."

Next month, we will be offering small and medium Big Bear Swords. Our "Mother Bears" are finally sporting tons of plantlets which are being grown out now!!

Since this is our first newsletter, we have no idea about what kind of demand (for the newer and rarer plants) will be generated. We have limited quantities. If we are sold out, do not worry.... We are already working to obtain more. Please let us know of your interest in sold out varieties, particularly the new ones, as we can make adjustments in our purchasing and propagation.

Thanks again for your patience. Keep checking the site, as we are always adding new items. Have a great Thanksgiving.....Be safe.....Love your plants....and Take care. ......til next month.

Russ and Ken

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