Four Leaf Clover


(Marsilea quadrafolia) Four Leaf Clover is an easy aquatic plant. It will grow underwater of grow leaves to the surface If the water is shallow enough. It will stay pretty low if the water is deep enough. It can be used as a pond plant, Marginal plant or a Bog plant as well. It is not picky about water parameters and will thrive in cool water or tropical tanks. It needs Medium Lighting to do best.

This is a 2X2" section of roots as shown in the picture of fully submerged Marsilea. It will adapt quickly to your tank or to a pond, marginal or bog situation as well. Most people have trouble with this plant when they get it, as it is usually grown fully emersed and will kind of die back when put under water. Not with ours, as we grow it underwater and it will easily adapt to emersed without major leaf death.

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