Red Stem Thalia


(Thalia geniculata ruminoides) Red Stem Thalia is A large upright plant, growing up to 3 m or more in height. It spreads via short, thick underground stems (i.e. rhizomes) to form large clumps. The rhizomes are usually found in the mud under the water surface and give rise to clumps of upright leaves that have their bases under the water surface.

The leaves consist of a long and thick stalk and a very large and expanded leaf blade. These leaf stalks have sheaths at their bases that enclose either the flowering stems or the bases of other leaf stalks.

The flowers are borne in large branched clusters at the top of the plant. These clusters have a couple of large leafy bracts at the joints of the main branches. The flowers themselves are clustered near the ends of the drooping branch tips. These flowers have an unusual and complex structure. Pairs of stalkless flowers are partially enclosed in green, or occasionally purple-tinged, hairy bracts. These flowers are exact mirror-images of each other and may be easily mistaken for a single flower. They are pale to dark purple in colour, with yellowish centers, and are made up of three partially fused petals and a couple of petal-like structures . Flowering occurs mostly during summer and early autumn.

These are Large clumps in 4 inch pots.. Many of the leave s on these are running 35 inches at the moment.

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