Water Celery


(Oenanthe javanica) Water celery is great plant for vegetative filters. Some people call it water parsley. It may also go by the names "Daun Silom," "Chi Lawn," "Shellum," or "Sui Karn" in various Asian languages as it grows wild there. It grows very fast when rooted in gravel and consumes many nutrients. The lush growth sprouts a lot of white flower bunches in late August which the bees, moths,and butterflies, just love at my pond. Water celery can tolerate some moving water. water celery is eaten by fish where they can get it and by deer. It grows very well and in ideal situations, it will take over. Water celery is one of the few pond plants that will both take having its roots freeze solid and will also jump the pond and grow on dry land.It rarely flowered on dry land. As leaves mature they develop a bright hot pink leaf margin.

These are sold as 2" pots packed with strong plants.

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