Ludwigia inclinata


Ludwigia inclinata is a stunning stem plant.

Ludwigia inclinata is a beautiful red/orange plant originating from South America. Ludwigia inclinata is not much different from other Ludwigia species, however the defining characteristics lies in its red/orange leaf. While most stem plants are colored on one side, the leaves on Ludwigia inclinata are completely red and orange. Ludwigia inclinata is commonly referred to as Tilted Red Ludwigia.

Ludwigia inclinata needs moderate to high lighting in order to retain its beautiful leaves. Under less lighting, the leaves will become a dull green and will fall off the stem. Regular doses of CO2 and micronutrients are important to keep this plant growing at its best.

Soft water and slightly acidic water parameters will lead to the best growth, but it has been known to survive and do satisfactory in harder water.

The stems will reach a height of 8-16 inches and leaves width of 2-4 inches.This is sold by the single stem

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