Anubias lanceolata


The Anubias lanceolata should be treated like any other Anubias. Except this specimen grows taller longer leaves. This plant should be placed in the mid-ground to background. The Anubias Lanceolata is an extremely easy plant to keep making it ideal for the beginner and practically "fool-proof". It definitely is not fussy about water quality and lighting. It can "survive" with lighting a <1WPG, with some fertilizers to keep it growing healthy. The Anubias Lanceolata can even survive in aquariums with herbivores because its leaves are so rough and durable. Its rhizome should not be planted in the substrate, only its roots. But this plant may also be attached to some driftwood and rock with a cotton thread. Unfortunately, this is a very slow growing plant (2-6 leaves/year) making its leaves prone to algae, that is why there leaves need to be regularly cleaned. The Anubias Lanceolata is propagates by rhizome division.

This is sold as medium sized plants 7+ inches tall and several leaves each.

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