African Water Fern


(Bolbitis heudelotii) The African Water Fern is Much Like Java Fern.. It unlike other Bolbitis is an absolute true aquatic that rarely occurs above the surface in nature.. It is a moderately slow grower. It is not picky about light levels at all. In lower light the leaves are darker green but in higher light the leaves become a translucent green. It is not really picky about much else. It does well with or without fertilization as well as with or without CO2. Like Java Ferns it does NOT like its tuber and roots buried. Instead, tie it to wood or rock or any decoration and it will grow roots to attach itself. Supposedly it does not like Hard water but I must disagree with that. It may prefer softer water but it has no trouble growing well in very hard water. Water flow over this Plant is appreciated. These are single growth tubers about 2" plus each.

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