Bucephalandra sp ' Kapuas Brownie Ghost'


Bucephalandra are a relatively new (to the hobby) and exciting species of plants from Borneo in Indonesia. They are similar to Anubias and Java ferns in that they have rhizomes can can be grown on driftwood or rocks. Like Anubias and Java ferns, they are a fairly undemanding plant as they don't really have any special requirements but will grow very slowly. Most Buce species are quite small (under 5cm) but some of the larger species can grow up to 20cm. We sell our Buce as individual plantlets / stalks. Most will come with 4-7 leaves and can be mounted on lava rocks or SS mesh pads. Please note that THIS Bucephalandra is grown submerged and is showing nice color.. These are a variable leaf Variety with mature leaves smooth or curly edged and the ends are mostly slightly pointed! Mature leaves are deep dark green with a ruddy red hue and newer leaves begin anywhere from red to almost purple!.. This is a small to medium- small sized Buce. Smaller than the Brownie Ghost 2012 I offer on here as well. the leaves tend to be narrower and smaller but the plant grows much quicker.

This is Buce Sp 'Kapuas Brownie Ghost' and is sold by the single stem/runner/piece each

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