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(Glossostigma elantoides) This is by far my favorite carpet plant. I have had both great successes and great failures with this wonderful little plant. Take each strand (you'll normally have 1-2in of plant) and, with tweezers, bury them along your substrate making sure only the leaves are showing (no roots). Each strand should be placed about 1/3 in from each other, this will allow for optimal growth without the plant overshadowing itself to begin with. If you want a thick carpet then plant it 80-90% of where you want it to grow.

It needs high-very high light to grow as a LOW carpet, if it doesn't get high light then it will grow upwards towards the light instead of a carpet. It also loves ferts and CO2. After a couple of weeks you will see the glosso spread rapidly, and if you use CO2 it will produce thousands of tiny bubbles. After 2 months it was a lush carpet that I had to prune to keep it from covering everything. It also has and immense root system so if you have to remove it for whatever reason, the whole carpet will come up in one go (not called a carpet plant for nothing) and take a lot of substrate with it.

Sold as a 4 ounce portion cup worth like seen in the pic. this is a LOT of strands. I don't count them but about 50 strands or more

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