(Monoselenium tenerum) This is NOT a true moss at all but a liverwort. This Pellia is recommended for shrimp, as they love to seek shelter below the moss. Able to withstand a great variety of water conditions and can be tied to driftwood with sewing thread or fishing line. This plant easy to maintain, no carbon dioxide injection required for healthy growth. I do suggest a decent level of phosphates however.

This liverwort species is easily propagated by simply parting the cushions. Its submerse form does not attach itself to surfaces, and may develop into a veritable pest when growing loosely. Thus it is best tied to rocks with a nylon line or tucked between other plants. At first it looks less than great when tied to a rock, but after a short time it grows into an attractive tuft which is easily kept in form by trimming. For doing so it is best to take the rock out of the tank, if possible. If you trim inside the aquarium, make sure you siphon the loose ends off. In a shrimp tank, be careful when trimming as shrimp often sit in Pellia.

If Monosolenium tied to a rock is allowed to grow too large, the lowest, oldest parts may die off and the cushion comes off its substrate.

The emersed form of Monosolenium tenerum grows excellently on moist to wet substrates. The emersed thalli grow flatly and get wider than those of the submersed form. It is suitable for moist terrariums, along artificial water trickles, waterfalls etc.

Pellia can be used in a lot of ways in the aquarium and is especially suitable for the foreground and the middle. Its dark green hue forms a nice contrast against lighter-coloured foreground plants like Eleocharis parvula and Glossostigma elatinoides. It also looks good if several tufts of Monosolenium of different size are strewn in between meadow-forming plants. As an alternative, Monosolenium tenerum can be used as a surface-covering plant in the foreground, however, this method is best for large tanks.

This is sold as a FULL 2 fl oz. portion cup of well tufted pellia.

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