Phoenix moss Mat


(Fissidens nobilis) This plant is a very fluffy, lush green plant with palm-like serrated stems that will attach to most surfaces and can grow into a large mat of impressive size. Like most mosses, it provides hiding places for shrimp and fish fry and makes for a cool-looking grazing area for shrimp. It can be easily attached to driftwood and rockwork. It is very slow-growing and only needs low to moderate lighting.

I am offering this moss in a solid stainless steel mat form that makes it easy to attach to and begin growing onto rocks, driftwood, or aquarium walls and substrate.

Fissidens Nobilis Moss is a very easy plant to keep without much extra care- CO2 is not required. It does not typically respond well to most chemical plant additives. Many aquascapers say they have best success with this moss ONLY through keeping a well-maintained aquarium AND NO supplementation.

This is offered as a 3X3" wire mat.. the wire mat makes this extremely easy to wrap around a driftwood limb or on a rock or leave flat and wiggle it BARELY under the surface of t he substrate so only the wire is beneath.

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