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Using Top soil or potting soil as a substrate is NOT a new idea. Planted Tank enthusiasts have been doing this for decades. However, the use of standard soil does present some problems, namely algae outbreaks. Mineralized Topsoil drastically shortens the initial outbreak of algae and makes more organics and minerals available for true aquatic plants to use. It is still fine to use high light and CO2 with mineralized topsoil and you will find that your plants grow lush and remain lush with little to no Micro-nutrient dosing regimen.

This is a COMPLETE product..Ready to use!! Part 1 contains the soil and clay mixture. Part 2 is the dolomite and potash underlay. both are included with the purchase here!!

It is Very simple to use and comes with an instruction attachment with photos to help you place it in tank for the best use and appearance. After purchase ( no later than shipping day!) you will receive an additional email from BamaPlants with a pdf file attachment.. That is the instructions.. You will get this email ASAP so you can see just how it easy it is.. IF you want instruction set before you order or later on because you lost it just email me and request it. Thank you. Also.. softwater Tanks and tanks needing an acid substrate ( like for Eriocaulons) are easy to accommodate with this MTS product.. let me know if this is the type of tank you will be setting up and I can reduce the dolomite in the underlayer for you.. ALSO Caridina shrimp do not like a lot of potash - so If this is the type of tank you are setting up, let me know this as well and I will reduce the potash to make your Caridinia much happier..

This is 1 Liter volume of soil and will be enough to do about a 10 gallon tank. this product is HEAVY. If you want a large quantity of this then use the contact us page and let me know how much you want.. I will figure out a cheaper shipping method for you such as Flat Rate boxes etc.. I want to save you money if at all I can and thank you.

If you are not sur e how much you would need I find this to be the perfect formula: (length of tank in inches X width of tank in inches) divided by 160 will equal the number of liters needed to create 3/4 inch depth of the MTS.

NOTE: this is sold by volume- weights sometimes vary with water content. If shipping is cheaper than calculated, I will always refund anything more than $1.00 in excessive shipping calculated. I apologize but it is tough to weigh each batch and easier to do an average weight plus a touch then refund any over charges. Again this is sold by volume not actual weight.

I can ship 3 of these two bag systems for 8.00. I can also ship 9 of them for 14.50. The Shipping Calculator is a USPS application and does NOT use Flat rate packaging.. I however DO use Flat rate packaging. So I will refund any over payment of Shipping $1 or more due to the USPS shipping calculator's inability to use Flat Rate Packaging!

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