Southern Purple Pitcher Plant Med Large


(Sarracenia purpurea v. venosa )The Purple Pitcher Plant may appear to be a simple, primitive pitcher plant. But that is just because it is small---do not be deceived, for this is a very complicated and subtle plant. Furthermore, it is clearly the most successful and hardy of all the Sarracenia in that its range is vast compared to its congeners.

Sarracenia purpurea pitchers are small, up to 30 cm long. They are squat and have a large lip. The pitcher lid, unlike in erect pitcher plants, does not shield the pitcher opening. Instead, the lid is erect, with a pair of lateral ear-like wings on each side of the pitcher lip. Instead of being called a lid, it is usually called the hood. This hood is usually beautifully veined with treelike patterns, and is covered with stiff hairs pointing towards the pitcher opening.

The flower of Sarracenia purpurea is purplish to red,

These are sold as 4" pots with plants about 7+ across

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