Cryptocoryne wendtii Red Clumps


C wendtii is the easiest of the Cryptocorynes to grow. They prefer lower light levels and a rich substrate. Softer waters do them very well, but this is by no means a necessity. They can also be grown emmersed (above the water) but MUST be kept in a very WET and HUMID bog situation. They reproduce (when happy) by making small plantlets on the sides of the "mother" plant. After a while, the original plant ends up being a large clump of Cryptocorynes. This is the Red version. It has a deep rich maroon green top and underleaf as well as stem. Rather than an individual plant, this is a medium clump of plants. It can be planted as is for a bigger statement, or broken into smaller individual plants to start a "thicket" of Crypts. there is a minimum of 5 plants grouped together tightly

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