Mineralized Topsoil


Date Added: 02/05/2019 by Karl Crowder
This stuff just works. My aquarium stabilized and cycled quickly without a huge algae problem. After...

Date Added: 10/05/2017 by Harry Hagan
In my review a few days ago, I forgot to mention something important: In my experience, using this m...

Date Added: 09/29/2017 by Harry Hagan
This is great stuff! I have had much success using 1/2 inch of the mineralized soil, topped with 1/2...

Date Added: 05/17/2017 by Betina Koontz
I decided to give this soil a try and WOW what a difference. My plants love it and its very simple t...

Date Added: 05/03/2017 by Betina Koontz
Excellent customer service, wonderful product. I 100% love bamaplants!!

Date Added: 02/28/2017 by Jesse Meiers
I'll be doing nothing but dirted tanks now, thanks to Bama Plants! Fantastic product, and even bett...

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