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We are confined to shipping to your paypal address ONLY except under unusual circumstances. PLEASE be sure your paypal shipping address is correct! If there needs to be any adjustment from the address on file with paypal YOU are responsible to contact us and make sure we are aware of the change. If the address is different from the paypal address then we lose all shipping protections afforded us via paypal so please be aware of the need to make sure your paypal address is correct and that you let us know clearly if there is any change that needs to be made and time to make note of those changes please.

NOTE::: PLEASE be sure your shipping address on paypal is correct and deliverable!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! I have limited time and it is YOUR responsibility to make sure the address you choose for shipping via paypal is the actual TRUE address and is a deliverable address.. If this is not possible for some strange reason then you MUST notify me immediately... I ship late at night most of the time after a 14-16 hour day of caring for elderly and disabled family. So, IF you could be responsible for your own delivery address, it would be appreciated and THANK YOU! IF I notice a difference in your paypal shipping address and your requested shipping address I have every right to refund you payment immediately with no questions asked.. IF I ship to your paypal address and it is not deliverable or the address you wish to have things shipped to and you have not spoken to me, then I am not held responsible for plants that do not arrive or arrive late.. It is possible for YOU to fix your paypal address before shipping or to make a USPS account and have the address changed on your own after shipping.. and unless you have done what has been made clear up to this point in this diatribe then it becomes entirely YOUR responsibility to use to correct the issue.

Non-living items will be shipped via your selected method, as quickly as possible. Rarely will it take more than 3 to 5 days to have a NON-perishable item in transit to you.

Plants,fish, and other living items will be shipped as fast as possible. There is some time needed to prepare plants and animals for their trip. Plants need to be cleaned, packaged, and boxed for shipping. Shipping of plants will be done Saturdays and either Mondays or Tuesdays ONLY. A large number of postal holidays fall on Mondays. Fish and invertebrates require more preparation than plants. They will ONLY be shipped Mondays or Saturdays. If Monday falls on a holiday, they will not be shipped until the following Saturday. If your order contains both living and non-living items, they will all be shipped together and at the same time. Obviously, this may add a few days to the shipping time for dry goods.

Our shipping days were chosen to protect the health and viability of your selected stock. We use cool packs or heat packs, and insulated boxes WHEN NEEDED, at no extra charge. We use breather bags for shipment of fish and either poly bags or breather bags for invertebrates, depending on the species.

We reserve the right to delay shipping for weather and for other unforeseen circumstances, and will only delay shipping IF absolutely necessary. Severe Heat Waves, Arctic Temperatures, Hurricanes, and other acts of God (either in your location or ours) almost certainly will delay shipping. We will do our best to keep you apprised of the situation IF POSSIBLE. Obviously, if a hurricane pummels through southern Alabama, you may not hear from us for a bit.

Thank you again, for doing business with us. We hope to have you return again soon.

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